Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

Using the BDO international audit methodology we go beyond delivering independent financial statement audits and reviews to provide you with constructive ideas for improving internal controls and business systems.

Importantly, the BDO approach adds value to any type of business. Our client base crosses a wide range of industries, and our audit staff is able to apply skills and specialisations which can benefit your business as a whole. Whether the audit is a legislative requirement or commissioned for a special purpose, we are committed to a high level of service and expertise.


  • We don’t go bureaucratic while dealing with risk. We are competent, experienced, and agile when responding to client circumstances and our professional risk

  • We ensure minimal disruption of your daily activities during audits, including fist year audits

  • We provide well structured, mature engagement teams. Over 60% of engagement time is produced by our senior personnel. Our professional staff to directors/partners ratio is one of the lowest on the market

  • We have 4 members of the UK Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The studies for this professional qualification are obligatory and free of charge for our personnel

  • Most of our clients are IFRS reporting entities. We are team of IFRS experts helping our business partners with complex IFRS treatments and first time IFRS adoption for public placements and attraction of international investments

  • We are much beyond the audit providing assurance and advisory services and solutions for various business areas

  • We are equipped with BDO Global technology and knowledge and local expertise and experience

  • We share goals and values. We praise, integrity, collaboration, responsibility and courage


Business risk focused

Our audit strategy, nature and plan of procedures are tailored for each of our clients considering business size, complexity, and risks.

Our approach is supported by integrated software toolkit, resulting in a paperless audit.

Common global methodology

We have a consistent shared global audit methodology as well as platforms that manage both our clients’ and our own risk effectively.


Not only do we have to ensure that BDO remains independent of our clients, but we also have to ensure that we are perceived to be independent by any reader of your financial reports.

We have global and local policies and procedures in place to monitor our independence.

The firm fully complies with the audit ethical standards on independence.

Quality assurance

The quality of our work is the key to our success and we have made a number of investments to ensure our professional services are performed on a high level of quality in accordance with BDO’s policies and applicable professional and regulatory standards. For the purpose of ensuring compliance with these standards, an International Quality Assurance Review Program is in place. 

We recruit high quality people with a strong background in their field and provide them with crucial working experiences and comprehensive training.


We ensure that confidential information provided by our clients will not be disclosed at all times disclosed, except when is required by law, regulation or professional pronouncements applicable to our engagement.

Wherever you are in the world, BDO’s auditing experts are close to your business!


Raivis Janis Jaunkalns

Head of Audit and Assurance, Sworn Auditor
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