ESG services

ESG services

Worldwide we support our clients in shaping their agenda for corporate social and environmental responsibility. Our assistance varies from initial environmental, social, governance (ESG) due diligence to implementation or assurance of complex ESG strategies, reporting, and controls. We initiate or enhance strategic thinking in this field on various organizational levels leveraging it at executive and supervisory boards. And we focus on various industry-specific matters. Assurance Latvia forms an integral part of the BDO ESG Global team. Our international collaboration in this field builds the unique knowledge and experience we are proud to bring to the Latvian market. Some Latvian organizations have already implemented certain goals, KPIs, and controls in this regard, report to their stakeholders and public in a wide, and pursue international certifications attesting to social responsibility or reduced environmental footprint. Some consider implementing the agenda into risk, operational policies, or business strategy.

We help businesses on various stages of ESG agenda maturity, offering:

  • Seminars and training as regards to the regulatory environment and best practices
  • Due diligence - find out more HERE
  • Advisory on strategic and operational goals, KPIs and control environment
  • Reporting advisory
  • Financial impact and cost of capital advisory
  • Attest services as regards to reporting and compliance
  • IT solutions supporting ESG agenda

Specialized services for Financial Institutions

  • BDO ESG risk assessment tool

Credit risk affects all our clients across the financial institutions and is determined by a number of different variables. However, Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG - factors are usually not considered.
For financial institutions, it is important to assess to which extent their corporate customers are exposed to these risks and how they address them, especially in their credit risk assessment. BDO’s ESG risk assessment tool can help handle applications efficiently. The comprehensive risk questionnaire ensures that a financial institution has considered all ESG - related factors and their impact on its credit risk.
BDO ensures that the ESG risk assessment tool fits into a financial institution's current credit process, which allows for seamless integration of the tool into the overall credit strategy, credit policy and credit handbooks.
Find out more about our ESG risk assessment tool and how we can help you.

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