• Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax

The appropriate processing of value added tax and other indirect taxes is paramount, as any mistakes or unclear interpretations in accounting may accumulate over time, and the accrued amounts may be considerable.
Issues related to value added taxation must also be considered during changes, such as the expansion of business operations, restructuring or transition to a new operating model. We provide services related to value added taxation for companies and public sector bodies. 

We can also carry out a more general VAT review to enable your business to take a pro-active approach to its VAT affairs. This will either provide comfort in knowing that the business is VAT efficient, or give an early warning of exposure to VAT errors that could give rise to costly assessments, interest charges and penalties from HMRC. We may also be able to identify VAT opportunities to improve cash flow.
BDO can complete your VAT returns for you either at your premises or at our own, leaving your staff free to give their attention to other business issues. 
Range of VAT services:
  • VAT registration 
  • VAT group registration
  • VAT group modelling
  • Support in disputes with State Revenue Service
  • VAT methodology preparation or review
  • VAT metholdolgy for specific cases
  • Internal VAT due diligence
  • Other VAT advisory