• Belarusian Desk

BDO Latvia is opening a Belarusian Desk dedicated to help Belarusian business expand into Latvian or EU market. BDO Belarusian Desk in Latvia aims to provide information about business, regulatory and social environment to their Belarusian clients, facilitate development of Belarusian business in Latvia and Latvian business in Belarus, and connect business partners of both countries.

Operating across borders brings both opportunities and risks that must be managed in real time. Given great history of business partnership, people connection, and cultural similarity of Belarus and Latvia, we believe that the international collaboration of Belarusian and Latvian businesses may have another impulse and we are great positioned to guide and empower it.

In addition, the capabilities and professional knowledge of BDO Latvia are not limited regionally, and activities can be considered in at least 167 countries around the world.