Discover BDO Latvia's sustainability journey in our first-ever report.

In today's landscape, the era of regarding sustainability as a mere "nice to have" attribute has long passed; it has evolved into a must-have. Both customers and the public at large are now acutely attuned to ecological and social sustainability, primed with comprehensive insights into cause-and-effect dynamics.



BDO is an ambitious & dynamic service organisation that wants to be attractive for both entrepreneurs and employees, hence our mission ‘let’s grow together’. Our vision is to be the leader in exceptional client service. This is not about reinventing our profession’s approach to service, but rather about delivering our services exceptionally well with a positive impact.


Our culture is essentially built on three core values. 

  • DIRECTNESS: We value open and honest communication. We encourage our employees to express their thoughts and ideas candidly.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments, whether to our clients, colleagues, or the broader community. 
  • COURAGE: We believe in the power of courage to drive innovation and progress. It's about having the boldness to  explore new opportunities.

At BDO, our vision, mission, and values not only form the backbone of our sustainability approach but also guide our key objectives for the upcoming year. With a commitment to sustainability, community involvement, and operational excellence, each goal is matched with a clear, measurable KPI to ensure both transparency and accountability. 

ESG sustainability

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Our social responsibility program has two key focuses: Inward Impact, where we prioritize employee well-being and growth, and Outward Impact, where we work to uplift communities and promote sustainability. This dual-direction ensures a 360 degree approach to social responsibility.

Is BDO a family-friendly workplace?

Definitely! And the reason is simple - the goal of our "family-friendly" initiative is to promote the development of a work environment culture in Latvia that is empathetic, humane, and understanding while offering tools for both the assessment of the existing work environment.

For a large part of society, the time spent at work occupies a significant part of life. Often, more energy is devoted to the fulfillment of professional duties, so combining work and family life can become difficult. We understand that and commit to being better.

Some Family-Centric Perks at Our Workplace

  • Playroom Privilege: A designated playroom is available for employees' children. A space where creativity and fun know no bounds, allowing our employees to bring their little ones to work when needed.

  • Newborn Bonus: Welcoming a child is a life-changing experience. To celebrate this joyous occasion, we offer a €500 allowance after the birth of a child.

  • Extended Health Coverage: Health is paramount. That's why we cover our employees' health insurance and even extend the opportunity for their family members.

  • Health Check-Up Leave: Prioritizing the well-being of our team, we grant an additional day off each year for employees to undergo essential health check-ups.

  • Festive Celebrations: Embracing the familial spirit, we host kid's parties packed with fun and gifts, twice a year on holidays, making them memorable for our employees and their children.

Waiting for something exciting?

What is the BDO Young Artists Award?
Good question, and the response is even more remarkable! For the fourth consecutive year, BDO Latvia, in collaboration with the Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA) and the Contemporary Art Center "KIM?", is proud to present the "BDO Young Artists Award" competition, specifically curated for emerging artists. 
But the rewards go beyond recognition. Winners are endowed with a €2000 monetary prize, an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their art, and the chance to network with some of the most influential figures in the art world, curating a platform for their  talent and propelling them into the limelight.
Any winners?
  • 2022: Last year's award was to Liene Rumpe for her evocative piece, "Ninja Exercises of the Painter", a profound exploration into the theme of war and its visual culture. 
  • 2021: The year before that, Reinis Bērziņš, a prodigy in the realm of painting, clinched the top spot with his captivating work "///(((!". 
  • 2020: The honor was bestowed upon artist Amanda Ziemele, whose monotype from a series of works displayed at the personal exhibition Neunauge, 2019, in Ekernforde, Germany, drew widespread acclaim.

Canvas of Compassion

Supporting Latvia's Youngest Patients

BDO Latvia for Children's Mental Health
Last year marked an important moment for BDO Latvia: our 15th anniversary. Rather than just a conventional celebration, we saw it as an opportunity to give back to the community and make a real difference. In collaboration with the Children's Hospital Foundation, we orchestrated a charity auction dinner, keeping in mind our commitment to creating a better future for our younger generation. The dedication of our attendees and their generous spirit was evident, and helped the Children's Hospital Foundation for the establishment of the new Children's and Youth Mental Health Center - by the end of the night, we had successfully raised over € 40,000.
The aim of this benevolent evening was clear: to generate funds that would directly enhance the well-being and day-to-day life of children. Guests at the event were not only part of a charitable mission but were also introduced to an array of cultural and artistic experiences. They had the choice to donate and in return, enjoy access to a plethora of events both in Latvia and abroad – from mesmerizing concerts and art galleries to thrilling sports encounters. A highlight of the evening was the art auction segment, where attendees could bid on exceptional artworks crafted by renowned Latvian artists. ys
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Guided by our mission and values, our ESG governance stands firm on global principles and ethics, ensuring we tread a path of responsibility and integrity.

Integrity in Action: Our Ongoing Commitment

Our commitment to integrity, impartiality, and responsibility forms the cornerstone of our activities and client relationships. Upholding the highest standards for independence is not only a professional obligation but also a reflection of our dedication to long-lasting client relationships.

Introducing the BDO Sustainability Report, our first-ever sustainability report covering the fiscal year 2022. This reportdetails our sustainability initiatives, accomplishments, and goals, showcasing our commitment to social and environmental priorities