Prevention is no longer enough in this digital world


In an increasingly digital and connected world, cyber threats are growing in complexity and scale. The spread of COVID-19 has also exposed most organisations to cyber threats by compelling them to migrate to remote operating models and requiring them to open-up their enterprise networks and applications to enable employees to function remotely.

Cyber security is an important matter for every type of organisation, from medium-sized (family) companies to multinationals and public organisations such as care institutions, cities and municipalities.

Traditional security concepts and compliance-oriented controls today no longer provide an adequate level of protection against hackers. Prevention is no longer enough in this digital world. Cyber security must be organised 24/7, but your internal IT department often does not have the time and/or knowledge to verify in depth whether your organisation and processes are up to date. Moreover, an abundance of different measures, solutions and service providers, often with very specific and expensive solutions, make it difficult to make the right choices.