Reporting services

Reporting services

BDO’s dedicated experts focus on statutory reporting and accounting matters. We have the knowledge, experience and quality in this complex and changing environment to support you.

From simply reviewing financial statements prepared by your finance team for compliance with applicable accounting standards or preparing statutory financial statements for single entities or consolidated groups, to providing audit assistance and being an integral part of your audit relationship, our high quality, fresh approach can be tailored to suit your needs.

Whether the finance team need additional support at the year-end or require help with complex accounting matters during the year, our teams are well positioned to support both Latvia and multi-national businesses.

Well-managed, reliable financial administration plays a key role in monitoring business profitability. However, many development projects and changes call for an extensive, systematic approach to ensure that their direct and indirect effects can be assessed with sufficient certainty.

Our experts have extensive experience in value determination pertaining to corporate restructuring and in modelling the related business risks and synergy benefits. Our services also include operational calculations, performance-based pricing models and investment calculations.

The service also includes preparation of the management financial reports of any complexity and details in accordance with the internal standards and requirements of the customer. Management reports will be based on submitted forms, accounting policies and/or instructions for its completion. If necessary, our experts can develop forms of management reports of any level of details and complexity, depending on your needs.


Viesturs Briezkalns

Partner. Head of Business Services Outsourcing
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