Baltic Capital Markets Conference: Unveiling the Latest Development Trends

Baltic Capital Markets Conference: Unveiling the Latest Development Trends

The aim of the conference in the long term is to pay greater attention to the development of the capital market, putting an emphasis on the financing solutions available to entrepreneurs, as well as to promote discussions both at the individual level – between entrepreneurs and investment experts, and at the national level, in order to jointly outline the plans for the capital market development for the near future, while taking into account the actual business environment and economic situation of the Baltic states.

This year, experts from local and international investment banks, consultants, regulators, issuers, institutional investors, representatives of law firms and audit companies will share their professional experience and knowledge at the conference. Panel discussions will cover a wide range of industryspecific topics – from trends and current events in the stock and bond market, to listing of state-owned companies on the stock exchange and investor discussions. Baltic and foreign entrepreneurs will share their success stories and practical advice on capital market experience. The conference will also provide a unique opportunity for Baltic capital market professionals to use this one-stop event to create new collaborations.

"Over the past few years, the Baltic states have made a major leap in the capital market development. The role of the capital market in the economies of both Latvia and other Baltic states can be significantly increased – this requires regular dialogue and exchange of ideas between investment professionals, regulatory authorities, investors and other capital market players. Last year, the first Baltic Capital Markets Conference received a great response and contributed to the emergence of new ideas and projects, so it is important not to stop at what has been started and set even higher goals. The conference is a valuable platform and a crossroads of different investment cultures, experiences and knowledge with the common goal of building a better capital market and contributing to economic development in the Baltics," adds Roberts Idelsons, the Chairman of the Board of Signet Bank.

Despite the remarkable growth in recent years, the potential of the Baltic capital market is still undervalued as an important stepping stone in promoting and increasing the value of local businesses both in domestic and international markets. The Baltic Capital Markets Conference is a unique opportunity to join forces and steer the change in the desired direction on a pan-Baltic scale, draw more attention and strengthen the importance of capital market development in order to promote economic and financial prosperity of the country.

"A developed capital market is the basis of the country’s economic growth. Success is based on ambitious companies that are able to attract growth capital to the stock exchange and investors who want to turn their savings into productive investments. By raising capital on the stock exchange, companies grow and evolve, new well-paid jobs are created, and taxes flow into the treasury, while investors increase the investment value and receive dividends. This is an interconnected process that contributes to the well-being of society and sustainability of the national economy as a whole," comments Daiga Auziņa-Melalksne, Chair of the Board of Nasdaq Riga.

The Baltic Capital Markets Conference has received the Excellence Award of Nasdaq Baltic Awards 2023 in the category “Stock Exchange Highlight of the Year” in Latvia. The conference is organized by Signet Bank and Cobalt. The conference is supported by BDO, Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns, LHV, KPMG, Moody’s, Nasdaq, Finance Latvia Association, and Altum.