Gaps-check service

Gaps-check service

Today’s rapid pace of life and the abundance of information are increasingly proving to us that 'less is more'. We understand that primary task of entrepreneurs is to manage and develop their business, rather than following all the amendments to the law and assessing whether the company is still operating in accordance with regulatory requirements.

We also understand that both time and money are crucial assets, thus instead of offering time-consuming and expensive audits, we would like to offer our clients a new opportunity – “Gaps-check” service.

What does it mean? Our lawyers - experienced professionals will carry out fast compliance check in the most business-related areas such as corporate, corporate governance, labor law, IP, GDPR and AML, and will prepare a brief report, where the compliance of general requirements in the relevant field will be analyzed and any gaps together with the risks associated identified. Such report will allow the management, shareholders and current and future investors to see the full picture of the general compliance of company’s business without spending a lot of time and money.

We provide "gaps check" in the following areas:

  • Labor law
  • Good corporate governance
  • Corporate
  • AML/CFT compliance
  • GDPR
  • Intellectual property (IP)

Please find detailed description of each service in the tailor made proposal HERE.