BDO Latvia launches Belarusian Desk to help Belarusian business expand into Latvian or EU market

26 August 2020

BDO Latvia is opening a Belarusian Desk dedicated to help Belarusian business expand into Latvian or EU market. BDO Belarusian Desk in Latvia aims to provide information about business, regulatory and social environment to their Belarusian clients, facilitate development of Belarusian business in Latvia and Latvian business in Belarus, and connect business partners of both countries. The team brings together experts in tax, law, assurance and risk advisory, corporate finance and business service outsourcing.

“Stable legal and financial system, easy access to other markets in the region, highly skilled workforce, and a well-developed infrastructure are just some of competitive advantages for foreign companies that make Latvia a perfect place for doing business in. Therefore, I am sure that the Belarusian desk will contribute not only to the growth of Belarusian businesses, but also to the development of long-term, mutually beneficial relations between entrepreneurs of the two countries,” - Janis Zelmenis, Managing Partner of BDO Latvia.

BDO Latvia was founded in 2007, and has demonstrated significant and consistent growth in the past decade. Among firm’s clients are state institutions, listed companies, local and international investors. BDO Latvia professionals support companies in identifying strategic business opportunities or investment partners both in Latvia or EU region, advise them on market entry and help navigate the market, as well as tax, legal and compliance environment. The firm has many years of experience in dealing with supervisory authorities, which enables our clients to conduct their transactions and other activities in a smooth and timely manner.

BDO is the leading professional services firm in the SME sector. BDO’s global network extends across 167 countries and territories, with 88,120 people working out in 1,617 offices towards one goal: to provide clients with exceptional service. In Latvia the services are provided by AS BDO Latvia, Law firm BDO Law and SIA BDO ASSURANCE (jointly referred to as “BDO Latvia”). To companies expanding into Latvia, BDO helps minimise any disruption to the business by providing uninterrupted services through excellent support and advice.