BDO Latvia to Be Led by Egons Liepiņš

14 March 2016

BDO Latvia is pleased to announce the admission of Mr. Egons Liepiņš as a new managing director of the firm, with effect from 14 March 2016.
In the past, Liepiņš worked for over thirteen years at Ernst & Young,  spent six of these years as partner. In the few last years, he was the owner and member of the board of management of SIA E Invest, offering consultations to enterprises in development issues.
"In my new position as director, I have proposed as the most important tasks to provide uninterrupted updating of services in the context of global markets, participate in organising the legislation of enterprising activity and facilitate the recognition of professional services offered by BDO", explains Egons Liepiņš. "At the moment, the area is developing in step with evolution on the global markets, so it is particularly exciting to be part of the process and to provide customers with better experience and solutions for the attainment of their commercial aims".
Egons Liepiņš regularly participates in the preparation of various finance, tax and accounting legislation amendments. He has been appointed by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia as a member of the working group of the LR Ministry of Finance for the assessment of the Latvian tax policy and as the chairperson of the Tax Committee of Foreign Investor Council in Latvia. He has earned an MA degree in economics from the University of Latvia in 1987.