Toms Bordans

  Sworn Attorney at Law
  BDO Law
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Toms's core competencies are civil and criminal litigation, corporate disputes, shareholder disputes, damage and debt recovery, crime and family law.

Toms Bordans has extensive experience in resolving commercial disputes and shareholder disputes, ensuring the fulfillment of overdue obligations, recovery of debts and damages, bringing claims for the liability of the board, exclusion of shareholders from the company and protecting shareholders’ rights to information. In cases where the conduct of business partners violates criminal law boundaries, Toms represents clients at the police, prosecutor's offices, and at courts in connection with the initiation of criminal proceedings for fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Toms also has experience in property disputes, claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and damages to reputation. In addition, Tom provides legal assistance in family disputes related to inheritance law, access rights to children, and divorce. Toms also provides a defense to accused persons and legal assistance to victims in criminal cases involving crimes against person and property. 

Toms uses gained experience in resolving commercial disputes to prepare well-thought-out cooperation and service agreements, as well as employment contracts that give the client a sense of security in business relationships. Toms's knowledge is also useful in concluding contracts, choosing the most appropriate model of cooperation.

Toms works in BDO Law since 2013.


Certificate of Acquisition of Professional Qualification Improvement Education Program in the Field of Protection of Children's Rights, July 5, 2019


  • University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, Master's degree in Law (LL.M.)
  • University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, Bachelor's degree in Law


  • Latvian Bar Association


  • Latvian
  • English