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Global Reports

As a global organisation, BDO is committed to transparency. Our global Transparency Report for 2022 covers issues such as governance, risk and quality management, public policy landscape and engagement, and sustainability. 

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BDO Transparency report 2021

BDO Transparency report 2020 

BDO global statistics 2022

Global Review 2018

Global Review, formerly known as the Annual Statement, the new name for this annual publication reflects a new focus on how all BDO firms work hard to help our clients succeed, with all the updates, success stories and case studies demonstrating our brand promise, to be the leaders for exceptional client service.

This year's Global Review showcases how BDO is focused on defining out future and becoming the BDO of tomorrow, today. It also highlights how BDO's leadership stance will guarantee the organisation's continuing success in the future, for the benefit of our people and clients alike.

You may access the interactive page, chapter by chapter, please click here, or view the entire report below.

Global Review 2018 

Global Review 2017 - YOUR BDO